We have developed Plus Club based on more than 20 years of experience from the IT industry. We are sales people by heart – we know and understand all the challenges your sales staff meet every day. That is the foundation of Plus Club.

Our mission has been to create an intuitive and user-friendly tool, which makes it as easy as possible for you to communicate with your staff - because communication is the key to progress.

We believe in simplicity, so we have cut the information to the bone. Every single feature is carefully selected and developed to meet the challenges we know you’re experiencing, when working with sale and retail.

This is not another system you need to spend hours trying to implement. We offer 100% support. We are here to give you the best service and help you whenever needed. We are used to challenging support expectations - and that is what we deliver.



Founder of Plus Club

"Communication is the key to progress"

With more than 20 years of experience from the retail industry working with all levels within the chain, I have an understanding of the needs of the industry and what factors are crucial to be succesfull. Both as a sales person and as a leader, I have experienced challenges with communication. How could I be sure that my sales staff in many different stores had all the right information and which stores should my consultants visit? I needed a tool to give me an overview, and that is what Plus Club does.

As a founder and developer of Plus Club, I believe in a close relationship with my customers. I am here for them and want to give them the best service and fulfil their needs and wishes in a simple but effective way.

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Ulf Sundqvist

Plus Club Sweden

"A well planned product launch or campaign, needs an excellent store execution to succeed"

After working with sales and marketing of major brands for more than 25 years, I experienced the complexity of executing sales and marketing activities. Perfect launch and execution requires that all involved staff are informed and ready. The mobile Plus Club App is developed as an integrated tool that support an efficient communication between suppliers, retail management and store staff.

Plus Club is both a cost-efficient technical solution and a full service concept. It will provide you with an opportunity to enhance your plans and create transparency of activities and results in the stores, by optimizing support and motivation of the sales staff.

Our objective is to maximize your results and help you win in an ever more competitive business environment through true long-term partnerships.

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