Want to motivate
your sales staff?

We know that we can improve your sales based on our unique communication and motivation tool.



We facilitate your daily communication with your sales staff. Contact your sales staff using customized push notifications.
Our unique one-click solution makes it easy to access all important information.


Keep your sales staff up-to-date and focused, through custom made activities, such as sales quizzes and campaign tools.


We make unique and customized sales activities that daily motivate your sales staff to improve their sales. It's simple and effective and we experience great feedback from our customers.

We minimize the distance between the headquarter and the sales staff in a simple and effective way. At the moment we are connecting thousands of people in the Nordics.


With our user-friendly app we have created a platform to increase the effectiveness of your sales staff. We offer full support in order to minimize your workload. Working closely with our customers, we ensure that your sales people focus, where you want them to.

100% mobile


User friendly

Sales contests

Instant reward

With Plus Club you will discover real results that makes a difference for you and your staff.

  • Increase sales
  • Upgrade the sales staff's competences
  • Strengthen the work culture
  • Boost the job satisfaction
  • Optimize sales staff's resources


Advantages for you as supplier

As a supplier you need to make sure that your products get the best possible exposure and your distributors/resellers have the best possible tools to sell them. Our app simplifies this task, we manage the performance of your specialist. The system gives a simple overview and makes sure that you use your resources where it is needed.

Advantages for you as retail manager

So many shops - so little time! How do you manage your shops in the most efficient manner and make sure you use your ressources, where it is most needed? Our app simplifies this task, as you can manage and monitor all shops remotely and keep track of the performance of your sales staff in each store.

Made by sales people for sales people

We have developed Plus Club based on more than 20 years of experience from the IT industry. We are sales people by heart - we know and understand the challenges your sales staff meet every day.

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”We have used Plus Club since 1/11 2016 to all our sellers in the YouSee stores. The system works well and we can see great results when we run competitions.The sellers are extremely satisfied with the app - it’s simple and intuitive. In the future, we will develop more features in cooperation with Plus Club.”

Morten Hogh Head of Device Management

”We see a significant increase in sales when we use Plus Club for competitions. The sellers support the use of Plus Club and are very pleased with the new wider range of features. In the future, Sony will use Plus Club to further optimize our sales. This gives us a unique opportunity to get a better overview of seller and shop performance, as well as closer dialogue with sellers.”

Nicolai Reinholdt Head of sales Denmark


Today we work with leading global brands to grow sale and we would like to share some of our succes stories with you.